Streamlined rental cashflows, on autopilot.

Bring your rental portfolio to the future with CasaPay. Eliminate deposits, streamline cashflows, find vetted tenants, and create exceptional tenant experiences.

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CasaPay is a vertically integrated payment solution for rental real estate  — simple, low-risk, and affordable. Built for modern rental operators and renters, ensuring transparent and trustworthy financial transactions with every lease.

Tenant ID

See your tenant’s score and detect fraud with our efficient and proprietary scoring model, which means faster approvals for you.

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Guaranteed Rent and Utilities

CasaPay offers rent financing options, guaranteeing income even in case of defaults.

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Automated Rent Collection & Debt Management

Ensures timely rent payments, streamlines financial transactions, and more.

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Eliminates the need for traditional deposits and provides comprehensive damage protection.

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The flexible pay-in-4 option enables renters to split payments into weekly instalments.

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Income & Property Protection

3 months of rent income protection reduces financial stress and eviction risk.

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Integration with Property Management Systems

CasaPay's seamless integrations with property management systems elevate operational efficiency and streamline transaction processes.

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Experience the peace of mind and flexibility you deserve.

Challenges with late or defaulted rent payments, affecting financial stability
Financial instability can lead to difficulties in paying rent on time, raising the risk of eviction.
Traditional security deposits often fall short in covering the damages. Managing deposits are administratively burdensome.
Concerns about not receiving the full deposit back due to unfair deductions.
CasaPay ensures timely rent collection and offers rent financing options, guaranteeing income even if tenant defaults
Flexible Pay-in-4 payment option and 3 months' rent protection reduce financial stress and lower eviction risk.
The DepositLess solution with damage coverage protects operators from costs exceeding traditional deposits. It also reduces overall administrative hassles.
CasaPay's deposit-free model with damage coverage eliminates worries about depost refunds and unfair charges.

Used by all Asset Classes

Experience modern living at its best with Built to Rent properties. Designed with tenant comfort and community in mind, BTR offers premium amenities and communal spaces. CasaPay streamlines rent payments and financial transactions for BTR properties, ensuring a seamless living experience for tenants and steady cash flow for landlords.

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PBSA provides students with more than just a place to stay; it's a launchpad for academic and social growth. CasaPay enhances this experience by simplifying rent payments and financial management, allowing students to focus on what truly matters - their studies and campus life.

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HMOs offer affordable, shared living spaces fostering community and convenience. CasaPay's payment solutions cater to the unique needs of HMO tenants and landlords, facilitating easy rent splitting and automating financial transactions for a harmonious shared living experience.

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Coliving spaces merge the best aspects of community and privacy, offering vibrant, shared environments alongside personal spaces. CasaPay complements this modern lifestyle by providing flexible payment solutions and financial security, enhancing the coliving experience for all residents.

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Single-family homes provide the quintessential private living space. CasaPay adds value by offering secure, streamlined payment processes, making rent and property management effortless for families and landlords alike, ensuring peace of mind and financial stability.

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Multi-family properties cater to a diverse tenant base, offering various living solutions like apartments, condominiums, etc. under one roof. CasaPay simplifies financial management for these properties, providing a unified platform for rent collection and financial services, ensuring efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

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Integrates Seamlessly into any Rental Process

Payment links

Generate payment links

You can generate payment links and send them to tenants via email or SMS.

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Add CasaPay as a payment option at checkout

If you have a self-serve checkout on your website you can embed CasaPay as payment option and your tenants will always have an option to pay via CasaPay.

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What’s more, at CasaPay?

Experience the peace of mind and flexibility you deserve.

Streamline Your Rental Management with CasaPay

Simplify and secure your rental process with CasaPay

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Our focus on renter security and landlord assurance, coupled with ease of use and integration with other CasaPay services, makes our offering unique.

It offers tenants greater financial flexibility and ensures landlords receive consistent rent payments.

It provides an all-encompassing financial safety net, ensuring consistent income and reducing the risk of income gaps.

It ensures you receive rent payments on time every month, reducing the hassle of manual follow-ups.

It simplifies proving the renters reliability and financial stability, increasing the chances of securing a preferred rental property.

CasaPay Tenant ID provides rapid tenant screening results, often within a matter of minutes.