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Unlock the future of renting with CasaPay's DepositLess Solution with Damage Coverage.

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CasaPay DepositLess is an innovative solution that allows tenants to rent properties without the traditional financial strain of large deposits. This feature removes the need for hefty security deposits and provides extensive damage coverage, ensuring landlords are protected without placing a financial strain on tenants. Compared to its competitors, CasaPay stands out by offering a more balanced solution that caters to the needs of both parties in the rental equation. Designed to ease the financial burden for tenants, it perfectly aligns with our goal of enhancing accessibility and affordability in renting, especially beneficial for young professionals, students, and those with limited savings.

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Eliminate Deposit Hassles

Say goodbye to the traditional deposit requirements and welcome a smoother start to your renting journey.

Comprehensive Damage Coverage

Rest assured with our coverage that protects against potential property damages.

Financial Freedom for Tenants

Enhance tenant satisfaction by reducing upfront financial burdens.

Increased Housing Options

Opens up more rental opportunities for tenants by lowering initial costs.

Risk Reduction for Landlords

Secure your property with robust damage protection, mitigating the risk of unexpected expenses and attract a wider pool of potential tenants, filling vacancies faster.


CasaPay integrates seamlessly with your existing property management systems, offering a unified and efficient experience.

CasaPay works great for

Property Managers

who prefer to streamline rental processes while ensuring property protection.

Rental Agencies or Letting Agents

seeking to offer innovative, tenant-friendly rental options.


looking for a cost-effective way to rent without the burden of large deposits.

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It removes the administrative burden of handling deposits while ensuring properties are protected against damages.

Our unique blend of tenant-friendly deposit-free renting and comprehensive landlord protection sets us apart, offering a balanced solution in the market.

It allows them to secure rental properties without the financial strain of a large upfront deposit.

Instead of a deposit, tenants pay a monthly fee of 2.4% of the rent.

For example: for €500/month rent, the fee is €12/month.