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Income & Property Protection

CasaPay's Income & Property Protection is a testament to our commitment to creating a supportive and resilient rental ecosystem.

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CasaPay’s Income & Property Protection addresses a crucial need in today's fluctuating economic landscape. Designed for operators and renters with variable income streams, such as freelancers or gig economy workers, this feature ensures they can continue meeting their rental commitments even during financial disruptions. It also serves property managers by decreasing the risk of rental income loss, making it an all-around valuable addition to our service offerings. This innovative feature offers tenants a much-needed safety net in the event of unexpected income loss, thereby fostering loyalty and trust in CasaPay.

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Financial Security for Tenants

Provides a buffer in case of unexpected financial difficulties.

Peace of Mind for Landlords

Assures continued rent payments during tenant hardships.

Stress-Free Renting

Reduces the risk of eviction and financial strain.

Simple Claim Process

Easy and transparent process for claiming income protection.


CasaPay integrates seamlessly with your existing property management systems, offering a unified and efficient experience.

CasaPay works great for


especially those in industries with variable income or job security.

Landlords and Property Managers

who want to reduce the risk of rental defaults.

Rental Agencies

offering enhanced tenant services.

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It provides a safety net during unforeseen financial hardships, ensuring rental commitments are met.

Our focus on renter security and landlord assurance, coupled with ease of use and integration with other CasaPay services, makes our offering unique.

It increases the reliability of rent collection by safeguarding tenants against unforeseen financial challenges.