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Ease your rent payment worries with CasaPay's innovative Pay-in-4 Payments for Renters.

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The Pay-in-4 Payments feature by CasaPay introduces a new level of flexibility in rent payments. Recognizing the diverse financial needs of tenants in the UK, especially when compared to traditional methods or services offered by competitors like Housing Hand, our solution is both tenant-friendly and landlord-assured. This feature simplifies cash flow management for tenants and ensures landlords have a steady, reliable income stream. Our solution, unique in the market, offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing tenants to manage their finances better while ensuring landlords receive timely payments.

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Enhanced Payment Flexibility

Split rent into four manageable instalments.

Cash Flow Relief for Tenants

Eases the burden of monthly lump-sum payments.

Consistent Rent Collection for Landlords

Landlords enjoy the certainty of regular payments.

Simple and Transparent

Easy-to-understand payment schedules.


CasaPay integrates seamlessly with your existing property management systems, offering a unified and efficient experience.

CasaPay works great for

Tenants Seeking Financial Flexibility

ideal for those who need to align rent payments with their cash flow.

Letting Agents and property Managers

who want to offer flexible payment options to tenants without risking their income.

Property Rental Agencies

looking to provide enhanced services and stand out in the competitive market.

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It offers tenants greater financial flexibility and ensures landlords receive consistent rent payments.

Our focus on seamless integration, transparency, and commitment to both renter and landlord needs sets us apart.