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Guaranteed Rent and Utilities

Experience financial peace of mind in the rental business with CasaPay's Guaranteed Rent and Utilities feature.

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CasaPay's Guaranteed Rent and Utilities service is a game-changer for property managers grappling with income fluctuations. By combining rent and utility guarantees, we address a key market need, ensuring property managers can provide solid financial assurances to property owners. This feature goes beyond current market solutions like rental insurance and upfront payments, offering a more robust and attractive package for managing rental properties. Designed to assure property owners of consistent rental income, our solution is a secure, reliable choice amidst alternatives. This innovative service assures regular rent payments and covers utility costs, offering an unparalleled solution for property managers and owners seeking financial stability and reduced operational risks.

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Financial Stability

Guarantees consistent cash flow for both rent and utilities.

Risk Mitigation

Protect against the financial unpredictability of the rental market.

Enhanced Tenant Relations

Offer tenants flexibility without compromising your revenue.

Streamlined Financial Management

Simplify your finances with predictable, guaranteed payments.


CasaPay integrates seamlessly with your existing property management systems, offering a unified and efficient experience.

CasaPay works great for

Property Managers

looking for financial stability in rent and utilities collection.

Letting Agents

seeking a reliable income on rental properties.

Property Management Companies

aiming to minimize financial risk in their rental portfolio.

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It provides an all-encompassing financial safety net, ensuring consistent income and reducing the risk of income gaps.